The Ministry of Acting

Did you know that acting is considered a ministry? I didn’t think of it that way until I heard that from Pastor Rick Warren. Most people in Southern California know Pastor Rick and Saddleback Church and if you don’t well, you may recall him from President Obama’s first day in the oval office. Pastor Rick did the inaugural prayer! Pretty cool. I was excited to have a conversation and get advice from Pastor Rick, given his experience.

Being part of this ministry of acting has given me many opportunities to use my talent on stage, on set, in the studio and anywhere else there might be an “audience” to entertain. Our church actually has an Acting Ministry! Go figure! I have had the privilege several times of using my talent to entertain, educate and empower all generations through my acting. And that is pretty awesome!

Here are some cool shots from various productions I have been involved in through Saddleback’s Acting Ministry.

Every production I have been a part of through Saddleback Church’s Acting Ministry has been with a great group of people. Every last one of them has helped and continue to help bring out the best actor in me and I in them. Having that kind of unwavering support from my church makes me want to chase my dream to be an actor even more! It also really helps to have that kind of critique from those I care about. Thanks, Saddleback Church, for more than I can say!