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    About me
    Ever since Cole started walking at 9 months old, he has been on the go, using his magnetic and welcoming personality to master anything that is presented to him. His extraordinary memorization and recall has...Read More
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    About Acting
    With his dream in front of him, Cole maintains the actions and attitude of an enthusiastic student: eager to learn, work and perfect is craft, whether it be in acting classes, with private coaches, on stage or on set...Read More
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    Very Social.

    About Following
    Engaging in social media is right up Cole’s alley! With his personable and witty disposition, he enjoys hearing about others and sharing with others. Read More... Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube
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    Work It.

    About Hiring
    Cole is supported by an amazing professional team. His manager and agents give him access to all arenas in the entertainment industry: such a dream! Whether it is for film, TV, commercials, print, hosting, voice-overs…you name it….Cole is ready and willing to work it...Read More