Lighting Up the Stage as Lumiere!

Several months ago, I decided to take my acting to the stage and audition for “Beauty and the Beast” in hopes to land a fun role.  I “lit up” when I heard that I got the role of Lumiere!  The cast and crew worked passionately, tirelessly and diligently to make this a fantastic production.   Being surrounded by such a great group of people on stage, made my role has Lumiere that much greater.  Whether it be a rehearsal, blocking, script read or tech run, we had fun while working hard.  And the productions showed it!

Lighting Up The Stage

I will definitely miss my “Castle Crew” and all the cast from this show.  Hopefully, we all be together again in the next production.  I know I am hooked on theater and all it has to offer for my growth in the entertainment industry.  Thank you again to South County Performing Arts for casting me and giving me this great opportunity!

Peter Pan, here I come!