An Emcee with a “Lion’s Heart”

One of the groups I enjoy being a part of is the Lion’s Heart Service organization. I get to do good and serve others with fellow teen volunteer leaders that I am proud to call my friends! We get to hang out together and serve our community which is so awesome. This organization is all […]

The Ministry of Acting

Did you know that acting is considered a ministry? I didn’t think of it that way until I heard that from Pastor Rick Warren. Most people in Southern California know Pastor Rick and Saddleback Church and if you don’t well, you may recall him from President Obama’s first day in the oval office. Pastor Rick […]

15 Quotes to Inspire Child Actors

Everyone could use a little inspiration sometimes and child actors are no different. To be an actor there is a level of confidence in yourself and in your talents that is required. However, even that confidence can use a boost every now and again. One of the best ways to get that inspiration is from […]

Just Keep On Swimming

Can you name the movie? This motto keeps me going in all areas of my life: acting, school, track, piano, swim, you name it. Literally though, it does apply to the swim team I am on! 2-3 times a week I swim with my awesome coach, Tim and my team. Our coach gives out a “Coach’s […]

Lighting Up the Stage as Lumiere!

Several months ago, I decided to take my acting to the stage and audition for “Beauty and the Beast” in hopes to land a fun role.  I “lit up” when I heard that I got the role of Lumiere!  The cast and crew worked passionately, tirelessly and diligently to make this a fantastic production.   Being surrounded […]

Piano For Kids Prodigy Award

You know when your parents make you play an instrument?  I doubt I am the only one! Almost 3 years ago, I started playing piano on one that my Pop-Pop gave us.  He passed away in 2014 of cancer and I am now so grateful to get to play on something he loved to do and gave us. […]

Giving Voice to a Great Cause

I had the privilege of giving voice to a great cause this month. This job really made me want to use my talents more to do good and bring awareness to people that are in need and just need someone to notice the need and do something about the need. Giving voice to a worthy cause! 🙏🎬 […]